Preconception Counseling
Focus on your health before becoming pregnant! Learn about habits or activities that may contribute to infertility or harm a developing fetus, self-care activities that will promote fertility and nurture future pregnancy health, conception timing, nutrition, reproductive life plans, and more.

Fertility Services
Whether you’re still thinking about conceiving or have already been trying for some time, holistic fertility care helps address your unique needs and provides you with appropriate information, resources, and ongoing support. Care includes personal and family health history and health assessment, appropriate labwork and testing (if needed), in-depth menstrual cycle charting, sperm donation options, and insemination (IUI and ICI).

Birth Control and Pregnancy Options Counseling
Physical, social, emotional, and cultural aspects of your unique situation are addressed to come up with an individualized reproductive life plan and family vision. An in-depth discussion of your cycle patterns and lifestyle preferences is included to determine the best birth control option for you, including hormonal and non-hormonal options. If you are pregnant and would like to explore your options, I will discuss adoption, termination, and pregnancy/birth care. Information about and referrals to local providers and resources is included.

Termination and Miscarriage Support
The circumstances surrounding termination and miscarriage are unique for every person. Feelings of sadness, grief, and loss can come up immediately or may not emerge until years later. I offer a safe, caring, non-judgmental space to seek support and information following these difficult situations. You deserve the opportunity to heal, grow, and move forward.

Primary Care
Annual exams, breast/chest exams, pelvic exams, Paps, testing for sexually transmitted infections, etc. Visits include any necessary lab tests and referrals as needed. Nutrition and exercise counseling, herbal recommendations, and education about your body are included in all care provided.

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