Preconception Counseling

Preconception counseling helps you address non-clinical concerns related to getting pregnant. During your preconception counseling appointment, the midwife will talk with you about:

  • a reproductive life plan
  • clarifying your desire to become a parent
  • formulating a family vision
  • exploring issues that may arise with your partner, and/or donor, and/or coparent(s)
  • coparenting agreements with your partner or known sperm donor
  • if applicable, choosing between a known sperm donor or sperm bank
  • avoiding habits or activities that may exacerbate infertility or harm a developing fetus
  • implementing healthy self-care activities that will promote fertility and nurture future pregnancies

60-minute Preconception Counseling appointment: $75.
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Fertility Services

BirthRoot offers several options for clients wanting holistic fertility services. The care provided follows the midwifery model of care, which focuses on the unique needs of each client within a framework of health promotion and shared decision-making. Your options include:

  • Comprehensive Fertility Care Package
  • Single Fertility Care Appointments
  • Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) Services

Comprehensive Fertility Care Package
Whether you’re still thinking about conceiving or have already been trying for some time, this fertility care package is designed to address your unique needs and provide you with appropriate information, resources, and ongoing support. This is the best option for clients wanting holistic fertility care, as follow-up support is needed over the course of several cycles to review your monthly cycle charts, address and review lab results, and discuss any ongoing fertility health concerns

Initial 90-minute intake appointment (in person or online via a secure connection) includes:

  • In-depth personal and family health history and preconception health assessment (includes nutrition and exercise recommendations)
  • Review previous labwork ordered by another healthcare provider
  • Order any necessary blood work (in-person clients only)
  • Review monthly cycle charts or provide instruction on how to do monthly cycle charting
  • Discuss or review known donor or partner semen analysis
  • Discuss choosing between a known sperm donor or sperm bank
  • Working together to create a plan and timeline for conception
  • Creating a customized fertility plan based on your health assessment, lifestyle, and lab results
  • Sign for release of samples from a sperm bank
  • IUI intake if desired, discount offered on IUI services (in-person clients only) (coming soon! stay tuned . . .)

Three months of follow-up care (via email communication) includes:

  • Review your monthly cycle charts and update conception timing plan as needed
  • Review lab results and address abnormal results with supplements, nutrition recommendations, lifestyle changes, and/or referrals as needed
  • Provide ongoing support and information as needed
  • If a complex issue arises that cannot be addressed via email, a Single Fertility Care Appointment can be scheduled.

Comprehensive Fertility Care Package includes a 90-minute intake appointment and 3 months of follow-up email support: $250
A second round of follow-up for another 3 months with ongoing email support and updates to conception timing and fertility enhancement plans if first 3 months not successful in achieving pregnancy: $150
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Single Fertility Care Appointments
Single appointments offer flexibility and cost-effectiveness for limited concerns about preconception health, fertility, or early pregnancy. You will meet with Sandra either in person or online via a secure connection. This option is great for people who:

  • Have a simple or limited question about fertility or pregnancy
  • Prefer to meet face-to-face with Sandra, either in Ithaca or online, to discuss lab results, lifestyle factors, monthly cycle charts, or any other question or concern
  • Have a complex issue or concern that cannot be addressed via email as part of the Comprehensive Fertility Care Package
  • Want to initiate pregnancy care with lab tests, ultrasound, and/or health assessment but have not yet committed to a long-term pregnancy care provider (lab tests and ultrasound only available for in-person clients)

A single appointment is tailored to your unique needs and preferences, but may include:

  • One-time assessment of your monthly cycle charts
  • One-time assessment of your lab results or need for additional lab work
  • Revision of conception timing or fertility enhancement plans based on review of your body’s fertility signs and cycle chart information
  • Continuity of care after conception before routine prenatal care begins

15-minute Single Fertility Care Appointment: $40.
30-minute Single Fertility Care Appointment: $60.
60-minute Single Fertility Care Appointment: $120.
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Intrauterine Insemination Services
Coming soon! Stay tuned . . .

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